TRUST. That’s what Nightfever taught me. When I stepped into the role as one of the coordinators for this event, there really was nothing planned, and I was very anxious about this whole “nightfever-thing.” After all, I had no clue what I was coordinating. But, as I prayed more and more about this event and truly embraced what this event was supposed to be, the Spirit took over.

At first there were only three people involved in the process, which soon grew to a large core team of Spirit-filled people. My worries about volunteers? The Spirit sent us about 80 volunteers on the night of this incredible event. Anxious? Why was I anxious? I should have trusted the Spirit from the beginning.

This magnificent and unique night of evangelization, music, and adoration forever has changed my life. I am so committed to making this experience a part of the history of the Archdiocese of Chicago.

On the night of our event, downtown Chicago was not only filled with Spirit-filled people who were a part of the Nightfever family, but also it was full of people who were thirsty for Christ. We, with the guidance of the Spirit, quenched the thirst of those seeking Christ, those seeking refreshment. The people I saw come into the Cathedral were the best and worst that downtown Chicago has to offer, but the people I saw leave the Cathedral were changed forever because they encountered something special. Over 400 people were welcomed into our Cathedral that night, and we know that because that’s the number of candles that were lit. Who knows how many others just wandered in out of curiosity and were changed for the better.

Nightfever was filled with the Spirit. Our volunteers were filled with the Spirit. Chicago was filled with the Spirit. I was filled with the Spirit. We all were, because we learned to just…TRUST!

Father Bradley is a priest of the Archdiocese of Chicago and a coordinator of Nightfever Chicago.