A Simple Invitation

When I got home from Night Fever, I couldn’t stop smiling!  My experience at Night Fever was exciting because it allowed me to speak to people candidly about Christ by offering a simple invitation to join us for a night of prayer in the Cathedral.  There were plenty of people who weren’t interested, but for as many people as weren’t interested, there were a boat-load of folks who were surprised and intrigued by the invitation.

I remember one woman in particular who I encountered on her way out of the Cathedral with her family.  She was very well-dressed, and I was a little surprised when she pointed right at me and kind of shouted, “That was AWESOME!”.  It was cool.  It brought me joy to be able to invite people to Christ in such a simple way!

Anna is a volunteer on the Street Evangelization Team, standing on the streets around the Cathedral to invite passersby to stop inside the Cathedral and light a candle.